lunedì 14 dicembre 2009

13 December - Worldwide demonstrations

The spotlight is on Copenhagen.

The actual numbers varied, but the unmistakable truth was its scale: literally thousands of demonstrators - from 40,000 and upwards of 100,000 - took to the streets of the Danish capital this weekend in a series of mostly peaceful demonstration of climate justice.

Involving climate advocates, students, professionals, parents and their kids, the procession headed to the Bella Centre - the venue and hub of climate negotiations this week - where a peaceful candlelit vigil took place. Although mostly peaceful, there were extensive media reports of pockets of violence and a few hundred people were detained.

Not just for those in Copenhagen, climate demonstrations took place all around the world. View some of the best images from UAE, Edinburgh, Perth, Delhi, Johannesburg, Gulin (China), Cameroon, Boston and elsewhere.


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