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14 July 2010 - Google Earth zooms in on dangerous climate change

Today, 14 July 2010, the UK Governement launches the new interactive Google Earth map showing the impacts of a 4°C world. The map is publically available at 15.00 BST on Uk in Italy website.

14 July 2010

FCO Climate Change Minister Henry Bellingham launches a Google Earth layer showing what could happen to the world should average global temperatures rise by 4 degrees Celsius.
The map features video entries from scientists from Met Office Hadley Centre explaining their research. Impact circles highlight some of the areas around the world that will feel the impact of climate change.

The launch event offers journalists, scientists and climate bloggers the opportunity to see a preview of the Google Earth layer before it is available publically at 15.00 BST.

The launch event takes place at 14.00 BST. Follow it live with Climate Charlotte on Twitter who highlights the need for a two degree limit in global temperature rise.

Representing the UK Government is the FCO's Minister for Climate Change Henry Bellingham and the Department of Energy & Climate Change's Greg Barker. Professor Sir John Beddington, Chief Scientific Advisor, will speak about the scientific research behind the 4 degree scenario.

Ed Parsons, Google's Geo Spatial Technologist will explain why Google Earth is an engaging way to demonstrate the scientific research.

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