mercoledì 20 gennaio 2010

20 Jan: Italy reaches 20% of renewable energy of electric domestic production

The Italian Economic Development Ministry has published the first official estimates on 2009 renewable energy production and consumption. The report highlights an increase in renewable energy production by 13%, from 58,16 TWh registered at the end of 2008 to roughly 66 TWh at the end of 2009... The solar and photovoltaic sector has registered the highest increase, +400%, from 193 GWh in 2008 to 1.000 GWh in 2009. Wind power has grown by 35%, from 4.861 GWh in 2008 to 6.600 GWh in 2009. Biomass has grown by 10%, from 5.966 GWh in 2008 to roughly 6.500 GWh in 2009. Hydroelectric power has shrunk by 14,4% and geothermal has grown by 4,5%.

Renewable energy currently covers 1/5 of electric energy domestic production (against a 16,5% of 2008).

According to figures produced by Terna (the national grid managing company), electric energy consumption has fallen by 6,7% in 2009, the highest fall registered since 1949 and after-war period, where consumption reached a -9%. The fall was deeper in the first semester (-8,7%), while consumption has recovered in the last part of the year (-4,6%) and reached -2,7% in December 2009. The study also reports an increase in domestic energy production. In December 2009, gas demand was covered by 87,3% by domestic energy and imports shrank by 8,1% with regard to 2008 figures.

Economic Development Minister Claudio Scajola added that “the Government will need to support the energy market for a few more years in order to compensate higher costs and attract investments”.

Barbara Mariani
Climate, Energy and Environment
British Embassy Rome

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